Events Interactive Server Maintenance

Basic Server Maintenance

General DLL Methods

  • Show and Manage DLL Settings
    Shows the status of the DLL flags, all instances of the server loaded under Automation and the current state of the HoldRequests flag.
  • Update Code online
    Update the EXE file online with an uploaded file as specified by the ExeFile and UpdateFile keys in wc.ini.

    Upload file:
    Note: the uploaded file goes into the Temp directory on the server. Use the 'UpdateExe' option in wc.ini to do online code updates

Session Management

COM Messaging

File Based Messaging

  • Start New Server
    Starts a new file based Events Interactive session, but the session may run invisibly on the desktop. Uses the ExeFile= key in the wc.ini file to launch the Exe. Exe will run under SYSTEM account.
  • Kill a Server
    Kills a running file based server. There's no control over which server is killed and no checks are performed whether the last server is killed. Make sure you verify that you can start new instances before using this option. You can use the process list below to view what's running.